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Author: Jonathan Paine

Run, Hide, (not) Tell

The media was salivating non-stop leading up to James Comey’s testimony before Congress this week. And it has been the front and center story ever since. Over 3 hours of testimony is rather hard to summarize, however, it’s safe to say that it was not the knockout punch against Trump that the media and Democrats were hoping for. In fact, Comey had several rather damning things to say regarding Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Loretta Lynch regarding the Clinton email scandal (which were conveniently, for the most part, glossed over). This circus surrounding the Comey hearings (CNN had a countdown...

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Not Your Job: Paris Climate Accords

Donald Trump has finally done it. Now 2 major campaign promises can be checked off the list. He may have missed the 100-day deadline, however, it’s done. America is now officially out of the Paris Climate Accords. Cue the Panic America has developed a poisonous mindset. It goes something like this – if the government doesn’t do something, the world will end. I’ve got some news for the Washington-dependent masses: “saving the climate” is not the government’s job. For a moment, let’s just assume that the climate is changing (which it is). Let’s just assume that man is the...

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Spitting on Our Soldier’s Graves

From National Review “A shocking new video has just been released by the Center for Medical Progress, the undercover investigative group that in 2015 released videos showing that Planned Parenthood affiliates have profited from selling the body parts of aborted babies.” If you didn’t watch the video this morning, you may not be able to. Also from NR: “A California judge ordered the CMP’s defense attorneys to remove the video footage from YouTube and from their website.” The National Review article however gives a transcript of most of the dialogue in the now banned video. Dialogue that once again...

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Can You Smell What The Rock May (or may not) Be Cooking?

Donald Trump’s election ushered in a new era of politics. While Hillary Clinton was poised to break the glass ceiling for women, Trump broke a different glass ceiling – one for those who have no political experience. The most powerful position in the world is now accessible to the non-politician, something that has never been the case before. And like sharks smelling blood in the water, the non-politicians are beginning to circle. Most recently, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Make America Rock Again…? Johnson, of WWE and movie star fame, said the topic of running for president kept getting brought...

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Comey in the Middle

A few weeks ago President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey made the headlines. And continues to make the headlines days after the occurrence. Must be a slow news week. Now, whether or not Trump did the right thing by firing Comey, we probably won’t know for some time because we simply do not have all the facts. However, we do know 2 things for sure. 1) President Trump was completely within his Constitutional authority to fire Comey. And 2) very few individuals in politics these days have any principles whatsoever. According to some reports, Comey has a...

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