This week there was an organized effort by some high school students to protest the 2nd Amendment. A lot of back and forth has happened.

On the one hand there’s long been a complaint that apathy is a big problem in the next generation and we want to see them passionate and involved. Yet on the other hand, having individuals who are ill-informed regarding important issues spouting off can be problematic.

So where do we find the balance?

Here’s 3 things you need to know about #NationalWalkoutDay.

Passion Does Not Give You a Right to Lead

Seeing young people fired up, passionate about a subject is a good thing. However, passion does not make you right. The cause with the largest protest march is not necessarily the right cause. In fact, historically speaking, the minority has often come out on the correct side of an issue while the majority took awhile to catch up.

Good Leaders are Informed Leaders

The students who walked out in protest of gun violence were merely demonstrating the failure of our public school system. No one can argue that the majority of public education in this country leans hard left. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see students uninformed on the truth of the 2nd Amendment and God given rights.

These students are decrying the lack of leadership on this issue, however they should not expect leadership to be handed to them until they are actually educated on the issues.

Being a leader should require knowing where you are taking people. The kind of gun regulations being promulgated by the National Walkout people will lead America to a destruction of essential freedoms. If the students were truly informed on these issues, they would know this and would stop attempting to lead in that direction.

However, if Congress is any indication, being informed on the issues is not always a prerequisite to being in leadership.


Lack of Leadership is Not the Problem

The rallying cry of the National Walkout was basically, “If these dumb adults don’t do something, then we will!” In other words, because the adults aren’t restricting the rights of Americans so that law-abiding citizens have a harder time protecting themselves, then we will.

You see the problem is not a lack of leadership. God gave us the right to self defense. Our Founding Fathers led the country in making sure that the federal government never infringes upon that right. It’s pretty simple.

We don’t need leaders leading us to more restrictive gun laws. Evil people will always find a way to commit evil deeds. Therefore, a lack of leadership is not the problem. A lack of an informed citizenry is the problem.

Bottom Line

A school shooting is one of the most horrendous tragedies that one could possibly imagine. But government is incapable of solving this problem. Evil comes from the heart and no law can stop that. Laws are there to punish and deter, but they cannot stop.

The solution starts with you and me taking a responsibility for our actions. Doing so will create a culture of individual responsibility which is an essential ingredient for freedom to continue.

(Read more about the real solution HERE)

It’s great to see students passionate about an issue. However, passion without correct information is misguided. Next time they walk out, let’s hope they keep walking until they get to a Constitution class.