Here’s a question – what do you get when you have a liberal, progressive (who is the BFF of Chelsea Clinton) giving advice to an unprincipled, liberal, Republican in name only presidential candidate?screenshot-2016-09-17-at-9-54-26-am

Answer – the Ivanka inspired Trump Child Care Reform Plan.


Sometimes it’s a good idea to stop looking at the minutiae and take a step back. Take a look at the big picture. What are we debating in the political sphere these days? And how has that changed from what it was just a couple months ago?

Possibly the biggest story the last several weeks has been Hillary Clinton’s health. While this is a major concern and the Clinton camp need to stop lying and just come out with the truth, this is not the major concern. It is a distraction, intentional or otherwise.

The left is slowly attempting to steal the validity of objections to leftist progressive policies via misdirection. People are saying, “Your only argument against Clinton is her health…”screenshot-2016-09-17-at-9-55-40-am

No. She is anti-life, anti-2nd Amendment, she blatantly disregards the Constitution, she failed miserably while Secretary of State, etc. etc.. These arguments should matter and they do matter. We cannot not let liberals downplay them and attempt to argue their point instead of the points that matter in order to silence legitimate objections.

It was only a matter of months ago we were discussing Planned Parenthood and their brutal murdering of innocent children and the subsequent sale of those children’s body parts. When was the last time you heard that brought up as a negative against Hillary Clinton? It’s been awhile.

The progressive left is masterful at doing this because they hold so much sway on the mainstream media. The progressive left is masterful at doing this because they reframe the argument so that no matter which way you argue, you end up on their side.

Take Ivanka Trump’s, and by extension Donald Trump’s, Child Care Reform Plan.

It’s For the Children!

Again, we see progressives attempting to take the focus off the real issue. It’s like debating what type of material to use on an addition to a house you don’t have the authority or money to build. It is not within the government’s purview to provide child care, neither does government have the money to do so.

Ivanka has masterfully reworked the argument. The real issue is not being addressed or argued. We are fighting the liberals on their terms.

Instead of asking “what is government’s proper role?”, we are asking “how can government best provide for childcare for working mothers?”.screenshot-2016-09-17-at-9-57-29-am

Many people are arguing that “since the government will be spending the money anyway they might as well spend it on us, the family etc.”. This is a flawed assumption because the government shouldn’t be spending the money in the first place! It’s like saying “well, the dam sure is leaking a lot. Let’s just make sure we put the water to good use. Let’s make sure we get some of the water”.

The dam should not be leaking in the first place.

Have they truly warped even the minds of conservatives into believing that “it’s time I got my share”? Have we been so blinded that we can’t see these government goodies are addictive poison that will destroy us? They are nothing more than a redistribution of our country’s wealth.

camels-noseThe belief that “it’s time I got my fair share” leads to dependence. The absolute opposite of what America is supposed to be. And once you’ve granted an entitlement, you’ll never be able to take it away.

Government is the ultimate camel, and our freedoms are the tent. The camel’s nose made it under the tent a long time age. Right now, we’re about to get shoved out of our own tent because the camel is pretty much all the way in and pushing us out the other side.

Winning: Politically? Or Ideologically?

Ideologically is the only way you can consider things. Principles are the only sure guide. Without that it’s anybody’s guess what should be done. Making calculations based on politics is what got us in this situation in the first place. Remember how we got so sick of that, we nominated Donald Trump, the non-politician?

It may be politically expedient to promise free, affordable, government childcare, but is that our goal? Successful politics? Are we fighting to have a good bloated government? Or are we fighting for principles, and a good government within its proper limits?

Some of Ivanka and Donald Trump’s proposals sound good. Even conservative. Savings accounts, tax deductions and cuts sound great. Until you think about it.screenshot-2016-09-17-at-10-01-31-am

What if Bernie Sanders was elected President (terrifying, I know) and he said, “Americans are struggling. Commuting to work has gotten too expensive especially for working mothers. The government will now be providing savings accounts and tax deductions to provide cars for them.”

Everyone, including some on the left, would freak out. People would be screaming, “That’s not right, the government shouldn’t be providing cars to anyone, period.”

But that’s essentially what we are doing. It’s not the government’s job to provide childcare for anyone. Whether those proposals have conservative tones to them, or whether they’re just unabashedly presented as the progressive poison they are, nothing has changed.

They are still outside the proper role of government. And therefore ought to be rejected outright without a second thought.

I understand if you feel you have no choice but to vote for Trump. However, there is no excuse for someone who truly believes in the Constitution to blindly support his leftist, progressive policies.

Trump or Clinton, that camel’s nose is only going to make it further into the tent unless we stand on principles. What are your principles?