Apparently, to be a conservative, specifically if you’re part of #NeverTrump, you must subscribe to groupthink. If you don’t, you’re wrongfully branded by some within the conservative or #NeverTrump movements to be a fraud, a cuck, or even a disgrace. As conservatives, we’re supposed to believe that groupthink discourages individuality and personal responsibility. Some have even labeled it as “progressive enlightenment.” Progressive? Yes. Enlightenment? No.

I have seen this come to light more in recent days, specifically after Mark Levin, aka “the Great One,” came out and said he was no longer part of #NeverTrump, and was indeed, going to vote for The Donald. Levin spent close to 90 minutes on his radio broadcast painfully (yet articulately) explaining his decision (listen here).

Mark gave a quick summation here from his spectacular LevinTV studio:

Many, including myself, found Mark’s decision disappointing. Yet, through my disappointment, I can understand his perspective. Does that make me a cuck? Apparently it does. Mark is simply doing what Ted Cruz, the man he endorsed during the primaries, suggested that we all do: vote your conscience.

What happens when our conscience doesn’t align with someone else’s conscience that we look up to or respect? Sure, every situation is different. But I believe it’s important to look at the larger picture. Mark Levin was not a Trump shill from the beginning. Yes, he favored Trump somewhat during the early primary, but he was simply taking The Donald out for a test drive. Once he realized that Trump was a 1971 Ford Pinto conservative, Levin fully backed and endorsed arguably the most conservative candidate running, Ted Cruz.

mark-levinWeek after week, Levin would hammer Trump (and others) on their progressive, liberal ideas. When Trump had a good speech, or came out with a great policy, Levin praised him. For example, Levin often praised Trump’s tax policy. I would contend that Mark Levin actually did Sean Hannitrump’s job, and that is, being fair and balanced. He gave all contenders a fair shake–well, Lindsey Graham and Jim Gilmore don’t count, for obvious reasons.

So it’s no wonder that through this painstakingly arduous process, Levin came to the conclusion that he did, which is, Hillary Rhodam Clinton must be defeated. Now, as I stated before, I still hold on to the belief that one is not really any better than the other. You can make your argument any way you want to, but we all know Hillary is a disaster, and Trump–in my opinion–can’t be trusted as far as Ann CoULTer could throw him!

So, as an independently thinking Conservative, looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Mark Levin, we simply agree to disagree. I don’t call him names, or say he folded like a cheap lawn chair. We shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, as so many people in our movement are doing. We simply disagree. On virtually all other points, Mark Levin is spot on. This notion that we all must agree with each other in order to be conservatives and get along is asinine. This isn’t conservatism whatsoever; it’s the exact opposite. This also explains why to Mark, he and Sean Hannity can remain friends.

But I’m not friends with Sean Hannity. So from my perspective, this is not a Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, or Eric Bolling moment. These factions of the alt-right movement have placed their bets with Cheeto Buddha long ago, and THEY and their throngs are the ones that will bear some of the responsibility when Hillary Clinton wins in November.

Mark Levin has earned his battle scars, while many like myself were just a few years old, or not even born yet. He’s a patriot. He’s a conservative icon. He is indeed, still, the Great One.

Thank me.