Dear Mr. Trump,

There was a point in time I respected you. I spent many years reading about things you accomplished, read a few of your books, followed from a distance your business success. I’m a small business owner, so naturally, there are several individuals I find fascinating to read about. Besides yourself, I’ve read books and articles written by/about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, and many others. All of you have different approaches, perspectives, and ways you conduct your business that I find interesting.

trump-announcementI remember the day you announced your candidacy to run for President, back on June 16, 2015. At first my heart sank, just a little, because I was a Cruz guy. Long before Senator Cruz announced he was running, I was hoping that he’d run for President. One of the many reasons, being, how he often stood against those in his own party who sold their voters down the river. He also did his best to uphold his oath to support and defend our Constitution. Your announcement, albeit temporarily, made me question who my top choice was to lead this nation.

I knew you were quite competent as a businessman, and at first, I thought you could use some of that ability to steer our country back in the right direction. I was quickly reminded, however, that Herbert Hoover was also a businessman, and he didn’t do so well. But, I was willing to hear you out; to at least give you a chance.

There was several months where you were in my top 5 candidates. Cruz, Paul, Walker, Trump, Rubio. Those were my choices, and in order. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you stick it to the lame-stream media, and RINO’s like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham. I had one of the largest belly laughs I can remember the day you gave out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number to the public. I thought, “finally, someone who doesn’t hold back.”

Frank Luntz held an interview with you in Ames, Iowa about a month after you announced your candidacy. In that interview, he asked you if you’ve ever asked God for forgiveness. Your response was, in short, “I’m a religious person, but no, I haven’t asked God for forgiveness.” This was probably the beginning of my change of heart. I was impressed with your honesty on this answer, which is shocking all in itself considering a lot of what you say is only partially true, or a straight out lie. I find it sad how many “evangelical leaders” claim that you are a Christian, and will even defend your “Christianity,” even though time and time again, you’ve shown us all that you are not a repentant, regenerated believer.

I thought if for nothing else, perhaps you’d make a great Vice President, Treasury Secretary, or even some other position in a Cruz administration, if your ego would allow it. After all, you and Ted Cruz were rather friendly towards each other starting out. Then, one day, that started to shift. You started questioning Ted Cruz’s faith and his eligibility to run for office, having been born in Canada to an American mother. You started threatening lawsuits over his eligibility and some took these threats seriously, and actually followed through with them. To date, they’ve all been dismissed.

You couldn’t attack Ted Cruz on his record albeit imperfect, but still rather impressive, (97% with CR/97% with Heritage) so instead you attack the man’s character. After all, what’s left? So in true Trump fashion, you masterfully brand Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted.” The irony here is how successful this branding became to the public eye considering he’s one of the most honest and honorable men currently elected into office. The old adage was proven true yet again: if you repeat a lie long enough (and loud enough), people will believe it to be true.

“Lyin’ Ted” became the theme of your campaign. This must have been when you realized that Cruz wasn’t your ally, but rather a threat. But it didn’t stop there. Numerous times a day you would use your Twitter account to besmirch Ted Cruz’s character with those two words: Lyin’ Ted. Once again, the irony lies in you actually lying about Ted Cruz. Repeatedly.

It was times like this I wish Ted Cruz took more of an offensive route. But that’s not his style. He has pretty thick skin compared to most successful businessmen I know. His character and integrity kept him above the fray and out of the mud–a place where you seem to thrive.

Things progressively got worse once voting began in Iowa. Ted Cruz delivered a smashing defeat by receiving more votes than any other candidate in Iowa GOP history, 51,666 votes, to your 45,427 votes. “Winning Donald” was shown to be a loser that night. Naturally, you were ticked off. It wasn’t long for you to figure out what to do next: blame Ted Cruz for stealing the election from not only you, but also Ben Carson.

This smelled funny from the start. We know what really happened. We know how CNN was the first to spread the story that Carson was headed home after Florida, instead of moving onto New Hampshire. All the Cruz Camp did was echo the reporting. They didn’t make anything up. They didn’t add anything extra to what was being said by the anchors at CNN. But you saw an opportunity to explain why you lost, and you took it.

Smelling blood in the water, Dr. Ben Carson took his swipe at Cruz.

I lost a lot of respect for Ben Carson that night. He had the chance to set the record straight and go after CNN. He also should’ve known better not to go home the day after the first caucus. Rookie mistake? Maybe. I seem to think he was closer to dropping out than he admitted, but saw this as an opportunity to gather the “sympathy vote” and decided to stay in the race.

The National Enquirer, known as the smearing arm of your campaign, ran a story about Ted Cruz having an affair with 5 other women. Maybe you didn’t write this article yourself, but it doesn’t take a political insider to know how these things work. Your long time friend David Pecker, the CEO of the Enquirer, was neck deep into this garbage. We’re not so naive to think that you had nothing to do with this, or at the very least, didn’t think this was a great idea, regardless of its validity, to be printed. This is Politics 101, unfortunately.

Then an already bad situation quickly took a nosedive. An anti-Trump PAC known as “Make America Awesome” ran an ad in Utah showing a nude photo of your wife, Melania, when she posed for GQ Magazine. This wasn’t a Ted Cruz PAC as you led people to believe. They had no ties to Cruz, they were independent. But the media and your walking-dead followers didn’t seem to care. You came to the defense of your wife over this attack, even though you obviously didn’t care that she had these pictures taken in the first place. But whatever makes you appear to be the victim.

So immediately, instead of attacking the Make America Awesome PAC, you do what’s more politically expedient–attack Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi.

Cruz responded:

A few hours later, you retweeted this filth:

This is unacceptable. You knowingly blame Ted Cruz, who had NOTHING to do with it, for coordinating an attack with a PAC–which is illegal by the way–against you, by slandering your wife, trying to persuade voters to vote for him in Utah instead of voting for you. So not only do you accuse Cruz of breaking the law, but you also smear his wife with an unflattering tweet. Disgusting, but typical of how you conduct yourself.

If this weren’t enough to make people realize how much of a sleaze bag you are, your friend, Mr. Pecker of the Enquirer, was back at it again with “breaking news.” Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father, was somehow involved in the assassination of JFK. Instead of disavowing something so ludicrous, you go out and parrot this falsehood to any news outlet that would listen. Not once, not twice, but as often as you could.

What incredible actions taken by a GOP candidate for President of the United States!

And your supporters cheered you on like the clapping seals they are.

Mr. Trump, or as I like to call you, #MisterTrump, these actions are not presidential; they’re despicable. If only you fought Hillary Clinton with the same ferocity you fought Ted Cruz! Hillary has done so much damage, is such an unqualified candidate, you could easily discredit her, and attack her, solely on merit, and it be damning. You wouldn’t have to attack her character to make the case that she’s unfit for presidential office, although it does. I’m guessing it’s hard to attack a friend like Hillary in the same manner.

It is unbelievable to watch your supporters, talking heads in the media, and other GOP operatives spew their outright hatred for Ted Cruz, for not endorsing you during his GOP Convention speech. I dare say if any of them, their spouses, or their parents, had been treated the same way you treated Ted Cruz and his family, many of them wouldn’t have even spoke at your Convention, let alone endorse you. But somehow, we’re supposed to bury the hatchet, and unite.

I think not.

I, and many others, would’ve lost great respect for Cruz if he did endorse you. In fact, I would wager that if roles were reversed, and Ted Cruz did the same things to you that you did to him in regards to his family, it would be a cold day in hell before you would ever endorse him. Is this what politics has become? Personally attacking a candidate’s family and falsely attacking their character, because it’s what gets headlines? Your campaign is the epitome of a reality show, one that even Maury Povich would cringe to watch.

The fact is, I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be our next President. Dare I say, I would rather Bernie Sanders, and all of his communistic policies be elected as President, than her. At least he isn’t responsible for lives lost in Benghazi. At least he has more integrity and character than Hillary. But alas, I’m afraid Hillary will be elected.

Many say that if you lose this election, it’s because of #NeverTrump‘ers like me. I beg to differ. If you lose this election in November, it’s because of you. You, your campaign, and the GOP have proven one thing this election cycle: Dumpster fires will, in fact, burn continuously, regardless of how many people try to put them out. trumpster-fire