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Author: Jack B. Patriot

Sean Hannity: A Political Dr. Kevorkian

On September 30th, Sean Hannity took to the airwaves with another of his whining, doom-saying, self defending diatribes. I would never take issue with Hannity ripping into Killary Clinton  as the “single most dishonest, corrupt, human being” in the race for the Presidency. I agree with Hannity on that. What befuddles me is the fact that Sean Hannity cannot see his own part in helping Hillary Clinton get elected come November 8th, 2016. No, Sean Hannity did not actively campaign for Hillary Clinton. He has not advocated for her, donated to her campaign or supported her policies. But he has...

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Trump CoULTer

It will go down in history as the book with the shortest shelf life EVER! Immediately after the release of CoULTer’s new book, “In the Trump We Trust” (August 23, 2016) the incoherent, manchild, “god” in whom she trusts betrayed her. Trump has softened his position on the one issue CoULTer tirelessly works to convince us was the singular issue of importance in this election.  She went so far as to tweet the following: For months CoULTer has been championing Trump as the “savior” on the immigration issue. She has PROMISED that Trump will never support amnesty – except he just did....

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An Open Letter to Sean Hannity

An Open Letter to Sean Hannity Last week Josh offered up an open letter to Donald Trump. I would like to add my own open letter, but this time to Trump’s spinmeister, the once respectable Sean Hannity. Dear Sean, You made social media headlines this last week when you threatened to blame Republican establishment hacks for the looming Hillary Clinton victory in November. On Wednesday, August 3, 2016 you posted the following audio transcript to your website: “If in 96 days Trump loses this election, I am pointing the finger directly at people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell...

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What If Cruz Had Endorsed tRump?

With both the Republican and Democratic conventions behind us, it is a good time to get a little perspective on what “might have been.” By now everyone knows that Sen. Ted Cruz did not endorse the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump. This set off a news and social media firestorm. Ted Cruz trended #1 on Twitter worldwide for nearly 24 hours after he completed his speech. Cruz’s non-endorsement elicited the furious ire of John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, and a host of other Republican establishment types who all wanted the rogue senator to endorse their chosen nominee. So much for...

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Where, Oh Where Has My Little John Gone?

After playing spoiler against Ted Cruz to help hand the Republican nomination to a New York liberal Democrat, John Kasich has been mysteriously silent. Fox News bent over backwards to help craft the narrative that Kasich was far more electable than that “radical” Ted Cruz. While Kasich maintained all along that he had a clear path to the nomination, (in spite of the fact that he never had as many delegates as Marco Rubio who dropped out weeks before) Fox News helped prop up his flailing candidacy in hopes that he would siphon off enough votes from Ted Cruz...

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