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Author: Jonathan Paine

The Coming Tragedy

You can learn a lot from YouTube. For instance, you can learn how to change your spark plugs in your ‘87 Honda. You can also learn that America’s entertainment industry is, generally speaking, odious, soulless, and disgusting. I really enjoy watching movie trailers on YouTube. It’s saved countless hours of my life. Instead of wasting $15 and 2 ½ hours watching a ghastly movie, I can take consolation knowing that I saved $15 and only wasted 2 ½ minutes watching the ghastly movie’s trailer. However, there are times where saving $15 and only wasting 2 ½ minutes is not...

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Starting the Argument Over Again

I think that we’d all agree that: Humans have certain God-given, inalienable (unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor) rights. America’s government was designed expressly to protect those rights. What Rights? So if we have certain basic human rights, then the question would follow, what are those rights? Our Founding Fathers believed that among those rights were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m smarter than the Founding Fathers. But apparently Bernie Sanders thinks he is. Bernie believes that the Founding Fathers missed a couple things, such as...

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They Don’t Even Know

Last week I wrote about how dependence on the government is a poisonous mindset that is crippling America and her potential. And while many in this country do have that mindset, the response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey have demonstrated that the vast majority of Americans do not. And nothing could make me happier. We’ve seen countless stories of heroic, self-sacrificing individuals, putting their own lives on the line to help their neighbors. We’ve seen millions of dollars pour into relief efforts from across the country. We’ve seen people risking life and limb, running into the face...

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Congress Knows Best

Do you know what’s best for you? Do you know what you need, what you can live without, etc.? Of course you do! Deep down each human desires individual autonomy. Now, since you know what’s best for yourself, does that mean you know what’s best for everyone else? Obviously not! This is patently ridiculous. The different upbringings, life choices, situations, and a million other variables in a lifetime create so many differences, there’s no practical way to calculate with all of them in mind. Allow me to extend this logic to the healthcare debate. Do you know what kind of healthcare you need/want? Do you know what kind of healthcare your neighbor wants? What about a movie star in Hollywood? Or a farmer in Tennessee? Let’s take it one step further. Do we honestly expect 535 random people in Washington D.C. to understand what 321,000,000 people need when it comes to healthcare? The idea that a bunch of politicians can sit around, think really, really hard, and somehow come up with a bunch of laws that will solve all our healthcare problems is ludicrous. One Size Strangles All One size fits all policy is destroying us. Laws that encompass the entire United States only work when they are in line with the national government’s Constitutionally delegated powers. Such laws do not work for the intricate, complicated healthcare system that...

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The Opposite of Freedom

Progressive liberal leftism means the government owns you. Constitutional conservatism means you own the government. It really is that simple. When someone else owns you, they have authority over you. This is the opposite of freedom. Duh. Liberalism: -You cannot decide how much you pay your employees. -You cannot decide who you hire at your place of business. You cannot decide who you serve at your place of business. -You cannot, neither are you responsible enough, to buy or sell a firearm by yourself without a license. -You cannot live out your sincerely held religious beliefs. -You cannot decide you don’t want health insurance. Or else you’ll be fined. -You cannot have statues of historical figures that participated in major events in the nation’s timeline. -You cannot say things that other people might find offensive. -You cannot be trusted to educate your own children. And here’s the real kicker: -You do not have the right to live. If the government owns you, if the government is the ultimate authority, then you have no God-given right to life. You have no God-given right to liberty. You have no God-given right to pursue your own happiness. Just ask Charlie Gard. In America, if the progressive liberal leftists are going to kill babies, they kill babies before they’re born (generally speaking). However, our neighbors across the pond are doing things differently. They’ve...

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