This quote is displayed prominently where I work. It is a daily reminder that the work we do to preserve freedom is not a hobby, but rather a duty. It is also a daily reminder that tossing blame on others is a cowards way out. Assigning responsibility, on the other hand, is necessary. Taking responsibility is vital.

Real Fake News

A few weeks ago in the news, a man used a firearm to threaten the employees of a pizza parlor that was rumored to be part of a Democrat/Hillary Clinton sponsored child sex trafficking ring. Although it seems insane, like a story you would find on the Onion, this actually happened. And the man’s motivation was based on a fake news story.

Now, first of all, most Americans are appalled at this kind of behavior. It’s one thing to read a fake news story, believe it, and share it. But it’s a completely different thing to actually take action involving threatening employees of a pizza parlor with a gun. Completely different, right?

They are completely different in that one will probably result in jail time while the other will not. However, they are completely the same in that both are fundamentally a result of shirking responsibility.

Those who believe and share fake news and those who believe and act on fake news are both shirking their responsibility to fulfill their due diligence and seek out the truth. Not what feels right, not what they want to hear. But the truth.

And though it is easy to point this out with extreme examples such as a Clinton/Democrat child sex slave conspiracy, it happens everyday in far more subtle ways. A story from a “credible” website can leave out key details that would give the story a completely different spin. Stories from “credible” websites, with bents both to left and right, are guilty as sin. That is because no one is without bias.

Check out This news aggregation site allows you to slide from Left to Right and see the same story presented by different websites. The results are sometime shocking.

The point here is that no matter what website you get your news from, it is your responsibility to seek out the truth. Every, single time. If you read one perspective, one set of facts, it is your duty to seek out the rest of the story.

It may take the leisurely feeling out of reading the daily news, however it is vital to our survival as a civilized society. It is vital to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic.

Speaking of Responsibility

Not only do we have a responsibility to seek out the truth, we also have a responsibility to hold to that truth, regardless of what is expedient at the moment. Donald Trump has proposed a massive, record breaking federal stimulus package of $1 trillion.

This amount of federal money spent on infrastructure puts Obama’s measly $831 billion to shame. And yet, the ardent opponents of Obama’s actions are suddenly the biggest supporters and proponents of Trump’s actions.

Even the lauded conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh couldn’t find a bad thing to say about Trump’s proposal. Sean Hannity, who called Obama’s plan the European Socialist Act of 2009, has been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters. Mike Pence, our own VP elect, was in Congress in 2009 standing with fortitude against Obama’s plan, now serves to support the agenda of Donald Trump.

It leaves one dazed and wondering, in what parallel universe have I landed?

Trump’s actions should not come as a surprise given what we knew about him during the primary. However, the actions of supposed “conservatives” is shocking and pathetic.

We have a responsibility to see out the truth. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you know the truth, you have a responsibility to hold to it. To act on it regardless of the consequences.

The truth here is that government’s job, Constitutionally speaking, has nothing to do with “stimulating the economy” by taking our tax dollars and redistributing them to “create jobs”. A conservative knows that. However, it appears that few conservatives are willing to act on that. Few are willing to put that belief into action.

Few are willing to take responsibility for the truth they know.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

One fatigue we must undergo is seeking out truth. Another fatigue we must undergo is holding to and acting on that truth. We’ve been able to enjoy the blessings of freedom, now it’s time we take up our responsibility to defend it.