crap sandwichMike Pence is probably the best choice Trump could’ve chosen as a running mate from his list of potentials, but like most VP picks, I don’t believe it matters. Some have said if Trump really wanted to win in November, he would have publicly (and privately) groveled at the feet of Ted Cruz.

Trump would then have to beg for forgiveness (which is hard to imagine since he hasn’t even asked God for that), apologize to Cruz’s family for the smear campaign he ran against them, and then with arms wrapped around Ted’s ankles, beg him to be his running mate.

This may happen the day hell freezes over, but if it ever did, many in Cruz’s base would feel betrayed if he accepted, and many would be rather skeptical. The bridges “Mister Trump” burned during the campaign were far too many to rebuild.

Several of Trump’s moderate/democrat base are furious because he chose a conservative like Pence; and this choice really makes no difference to those #NeverTrump‘ers like myself. We haven’t even started questioning Pence’s stance on immigration or his disastrous RFRA. Like the past 8 years, when we had a media-chosen, leftist “Republican” as the nominee, they tried to add conservative cheese to the crap sandwich in their VP picks. McCain did it with Palin, and Romney did it with Ryan. Trump has now done it with Pence.

The sad thing is, all the demographics that McCain & Romney led this time last year—Trump’s not leading a one of them. NOT ONE! And we know how that ended for those gentlemen. But somehow, Trump, in all of his magnificent glory, is going to win–and in a landslide by some’s estimation.

Does it not matter that 12 million democrats voted for Trump in our primaries? Not because they’re “Reagan Democrats,” but because they wanted him to run against Clinton. The majority of them are not voting for him a second time around.

Trump-ClintonI have a feeling Clinton will win in a landslide. But perhaps I’m wrong.

America is screwed. All we could somehow muster for either of our candidates is a lying, cheating, murdering hag–who deserves to be hung for treason, and her longtime FRIEND and DONOR, who for many years, PRAISED HER and the job she did REPEATEDLY before he decided to run as a “Republican” and screw things up.

As political commentator and talk radio host Steve Deace points out, what exactly would you do any different to sabotage the Republican Party?