July 4, the day we celebrate Independence Day here in America. Well at least, most of us do. If you live in some parts of California it may or may not be legal. Pun intended.

We felt that Independence Day was significant in launching FoxFire. As our forefathers before us declaring their independence from Britain and the crown, so we, too, are declaring independence from the old guard known as the GOP and their media surrogate, FoxNews.

More on this will be written in weeks to come, but this “GOPexit” is long overdue for many of us that have displayed the “R” after our name. Many so called conservatives supporting “Mister Trump” like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter need to ask themselves a serious question: If Donald J. Trump had a ‘D’ next to his name, would you still defend him? Would you still vote for him? What positions would he have to change exactly?

These questions have all been asked before, and sadly, if given a chance, these faux-cons would vote for Hillary Clinton if she had an ‘R’ next to her name, if in some twisted nightmare she ever became the GOP nominee.

Don’t laugh. Don’t scoff. Donald J. Trump is living, breathing proof.

walker-paul-cruzLike in past presidential elections, the media has chosen our candidate. You see, true conservatives like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul are just too “extreme.” We have to win the independents. We have to win cross-over democrat votes. Supposedly, the only way to win a presidential election is to nominate a left-leaning Republican. Because, you know, you just do.

If the media wasn’t bad enough, there was reportedly 12 million democrats who voted in the GOP primaries this year according to statistician Michael Harrington. And don’t you believe for a second that these 12 million are going to vote for Trump a second time around.

For far too long we’ve had to hold our nose and vote for pale pastels like John McCain and Mitt Romney, and that’s just the presidential candidates. But even those men, with all of their warts, didn’t compare to that of “Mister Trump.” At least, if for nothing else, they had morals. They had standards. They were honorable.

One of the problems with the GOP is that they vote for party first, not principle first. A system like that is flawed and rotten to its core. I’ve been around cultures like this before, and speak from experience. For those who refuse to vote along party lines, we’re tarred and feathered by those within our own party, being excoriated for not falling in line. God forbid we take a stand for anything right.

Too many in the GOP act as sheep, not sheepdogs. There are many wolves amongst us. Our FoxFire video has exposed some wolves, but also some sheepdogs. We need to be vigilant. We need to do what’s right, even though it may not be popular. True conservatives must always and forever be #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, for if you were to break it down, and look closely, you would see that these two are exactly the same.

So, to those who accept personal responsibility for their own actions, who do you vote for in November? Well, that, my friend, is between you and God. I’d say to vote your conscience, but for many, their conscience is seared. But I can assure you, neither Trump nor Hillary will get my vote; and I will sleep like a baby that night.

Don’t blame people like us for not voting for the “lesser of the two evils” because we have not sold out our soul, our principles, our convictions, or our sacred honor, to bow and kiss the ring of this Godless, petulant, egotistical man-child.

Choose liberty, fellow patriots.