Well, they did it. Our saviors in D.C. averted yet another terrible, evil, apocalyptic government shutdown.

In this nick of time, like Tom Cruise saving the world from yet another nuclear holocaust in yet another impossible mission, our Congress swooped in to save the day. The only difference – Tom Cruise makes money when he saves the world, Congress spends $1.3 TRILLION.

Government Shutdown? Yes Please!

We’ve discussed before how government shutdowns are not that big of a deal. The media and politicians hype it up to be the end of the world, when in reality a few non-essential government services cease to operate and a few paychecks get delayed a week or two.

I personally get a bit excited when I hear about the possibility of another shutdown. Maybe if the government does shutdown for awhile, people will start to realize how bloated and useless most of the federal government is because of its unconstitutionality.

But then I awake from my daydream. Welcome to the real world where the absence of “non-essential” services = Armageddon.

Republican or Democrat? The Impossible Guessing Game

Every election, essentially two sides are pitted against each other in an all out battle to get your vote. Attacks ads are feverishly launched, mud is mercilessly slung, accomplishments are unabashedly touted. Both sides want your money and your vote. And they’ll do just about anything to get it.

But then after the dust has settled and the last dead person has voted, regardless of who wins, we’re left with a $1.3 TRILLION “budget” (despite the fact that we’re also $21 TRILLION in debt).

A $1.3 TRILLION “budget” that –

-Continues funding to Planned Parenthood

-Moves forward liberal gun control measures

-Maintains ObamaCare

-Funds sanctuary cities

H.J.R. 1625, The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 was also a quick read at a mere 2,232 pages. So you better believe that every congressperson who voted for it had read it cover to cover, in minute detail, and had understood all the ins and outs.

Or not.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Involved

First, government shutdowns are feared so much because people (including our government officials) do not understand the proper role of government.

Second, regardless of who we vote into office, we will continue to get the same ill-informed, destructive, 2,000+ page omnibus bills that increase our burden of debt and reduce our freedom UNTIL we stop electing politicians and start electing statesmen who understand the proper role of government, cling to the Constitution, and don’t let anyone tell them differently.

However, we cannot elect such leaders unless we ourselves are educated. And it can’t stop there. Our one vote won’t do it. We’re going to have to inform and influence those around us as well.

This takes time, money, and us putting our reputation on the line. Kind of sounds like I’m asking you to pledge your Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor.

That’s because I am.

The government is out of control and it’s time to stop being mad, and start getting involved.

And while the situation may seem hopeless, don’t worry, it’s also #NationalPuppyDay.

You’re welcome.