What I’m about to say is surely not going to win me any popularity points. If anything, some who know me will probably be angered even more. This is not something I take lightly, nor is it something I take pleasure in. I write this to a select group of people: BELIEVERS. If you are not a born-again, Bible-believing, God fearing, regenerated Christian, simply move along; this is not for you. However, if you are indeed one of the elect, a Christ follower, please keep reading.

I start by simply asking you this question:

Christian – have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?

covered-eyesOver the last several months, watching the decline of the church and her testimony has been horrifying. The unchurched now has evidence that many of those within the church, are no different than they are. In their minds, there is no need for Christ, because in their opinion, many evangelical “leaders” have turned a blind eye to immorality and other sins just like they do, so what spiritual need do they have? Why, we’re the same! Pray tell me, what exactly does it convey to the world, when evangelicals like Jerry Fallwell Jr., Ralph Reed Jr., Tony Perkins, and James Dobson “strongly condemn” ones actions, but still supports this person unwaveringly? Is it okay for Christians to verbally condemn someone who is unrepentant, and then continue to unabashedly support them with their actions?

Yes, Donald J. Trump is unrepentant of his actions. Just because he issued an apology of his latest uncovered vulgarity doesn’t mean he’s repented of what he’s done. Let’s just be brutally honest here, shall we? If #MisterTrump was never caught red-handed with audio released to the public, an apology would have never been issued. This isn’t repentance, it’s saving face. It’s a well-known fact that Donald indeed has a morality problem (amongst others i.e. covetousness, lying). He’s written braggadociously about his extramarital affairs and fornication. He’s a billionaire playboy not afraid to chase a pretty skirt, regardless if she’s married or not. Yet these evangelicals are able to overlook that–condemning it at first, of course–and still actively support the man. What’s also interesting is the amount of extramarital affairs and fornication that goes on in today’s churches. Don’t act surprised. If you’ve been a Christian for long, you’ve heard the stories. Some of you may have even experienced this first hand; perhaps know a victim. It’s happened. Maybe this is why so many evangelicals can overlook something like this–because it “happens all the time.”

I must admit, all of what I am saying is relative to the reader. As hard as it may be for me to fully understand or realize, I do believe that God is sovereign. He is sovereign in ALL things. Even our political leaders (Romans 13:1). Often times we, as Christians, are focused on things of this world, instead of heavenly things (Colossians 3:2). We get consumed with our jobs, politics, and the minutia of every day life, instead of what really matters. Yes, at times, I am guilty of this charge. But we need to think bigger. Again, the Christian needs to focus on what truly matters: Christ. I do not want to see a President Hillary Clinton. I have 2 brothers in the Army, soon to be active duty overseas. I do not want Hillary to be their Commander-in-Chief. Frankly, I don’t want Donald Trump to be either. But I remind myself that God is sovereign, and His will, although maybe not fully known to us on this earth, is indeed perfect. As a Christian, I remind myself constantly of this fact.

Therefore, acknowledging that God is sovereign in all things, I am able to confidently not support or vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Instead, I will vote my conscience down the ballot, and for someone who represents the beliefs and convictions closest to mine. I wish those within the church would be able to do the same. Instead, out of fear and not faith, they will stand by the man whom they believe to be the lesser of two evils. Because, you know, binary choice. I have yet had anyone show me in Scripture where this is acceptable. Where exactly, does Jesus teach “thou shalt choose the lesser of two evils” or some such nonsense? Perhaps somewhere in Two Corinthians.

Many Christians choose to support Donald Trump because they believe their persecution will be less in doing so. Really? Stop and think about that. Now, I’m not one actively looking to be persecuted. I’m not one publicly begging to be martyred for Christ’s sake. However, if that time came, I pray that I would indeed have the faith to make that choice for my Savior. But to set aside your Christian morals and vote for someone who is immoral, because you may less likely be persecuted, is a betrayal of those morals and what you claim to believe as a Christ follower.

Again, God is sovereign in all things.

Then there are those who say that they are not voting for a pastor. As if this is even a legitimate argument. I find it ironic how that most of the evangelicals who claim they are not voting for a pastor are the same ones who were supporting Governor Mike Huckabee in 2008 because, wait for it, he was a pastor! My, how times have changed. And if this weren’t enough, I can’t even count the times I’ve read from other Christian brothers and sisters how one needs to check their “moral superiority” at the door, or “those without sin cast the first stone,” or some such out-of-context garbage in regards to Mr. Trump.

Straw Man anyone?

Having moral superiority over another in this context simply means that you hold your morals above the accusing individual. Your moral belief or conviction is superior, or held to a higher standard, than the one making the charge. It doesn’t make you better than that person, no; every man is accountable to God for their own actions. Truth be known, when a Christian launches this accusation, often times it’s because they feel convicted. Otherwise, why even say it? Surely, some of you are quietly thinking “judge not”, again, taking Scripture out of context.

Donald Trump’s unfavorables are in the toilet. Currently, he’s at a 58% unfavorable rating compared to that of Hillary Clinton at 55%. Stop and think about that. After all Hillary has been known to do with Benghazi, her email scandal, pay to play, the repetitive FBI cover-up, Donald J. Trump still leads as the most unfavorable candidate, and by 3 points. Yet here are the Christians bitterly clinging onto their golden idol.

trump-poll-moralsMore evidence that many within the church are sick. From HotAir, 44% of white evangelicals think Trump has “strong moral character,” just 18% of those with no religion agree. Let that sink in. 78% of those who claim they are not religious say no, they do not believe Donald Trump has a strong moral character, compared to that of only 49% of white evangelical protestants. This poll on its own merit may not truly reflect the church’s opinion on this matter, but with the evangelical prostitutes like Falwell, Dobson, Perkins and the like, it makes me wonder if this is more accurate than we’d like to believe. Especially when you have the aforementioned Jerry Falwell Jr. telling us to put our Christian values on hold until after the election. That must be what he meant when he posed with Donald Trump in front of a Playboy magazine cover hanging on his wall. Repent, Mr. Falwell, repent.  What exactly does Scripture say to do regarding unrepentant Christians?

In recent reports James Dobson claimed that he heard televangelist Paula White led Donald Trump to Christ. I can assure you, brethren, if heretic Paula White led Donald Trump to Christ, it’s not the right Christ. There are many wolves amongst the sheep. Far too many Christians would rather believe the feel-good prosperity gospel that comes from the likes of Paula White, Beth Moore, Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes, instead of examining everything carefully as 1 Thessalonians 5:21 commands us to do. But, alas, the church is sick.

I’ve come to the realization that if you really believe Donald J. Trump is going to save this country in contrast to that of Hillary Clinton–therefore you’re going to vote for Mr. Trump, you do not believe, at your core, that God is sovereign and reigns supreme. You may say that you do believe this, but your actions say otherwise. God can use Hillary Clinton just as much as He can use Donald J. Trump to fulfill His perfect plan. If you don’t believe that, you might want to check your theology. As a Christian, saved only by God’s grace, it is beyond embarrassing watching so many of you twist yourselves into pretzels trying to get Scripture to fit your narrative as to why we must vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Just stop it; it’s wrong, it’s immoral. Neither Donald J. Trump nor Hillary R. Clinton have the moral integrity or character to be President of the United States.

This is what a nation under divine judgment looks like. When a wicked man rules, the people groan, and regardless of who wins November 8, we as a nation will be groaning. Christian, it’s time to rebuild the testimony of the church that so many have damaged. It’s time we beg God for His mercy and grace. Brother, sister, it’s time to humble ourselves before God and repent.

Again, I ask, have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?