In 1800, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were not on good terms. The election that year was a bitter one that caused much divide and vehement disagreement within the infant United States.

After Adams lost to Jefferson, Adams was a “lame duck” president. However, Adams, not being the idle sort, decided that while he was waiting to not be president, he might as well find something to do. This resulted in what is known as the “Midnight Judge Appointments”. Adams installed a bunch of Federalist judges as a final attempt to continue his policies. Jefferson, being a Democratic-Republican, took this as a slap in the face.

Despite his entire party being trounced in the election of 1800, Adams’ last move was designed to insure his policies endured. Sound familiar?

This is a common final spasm for lame duck leaders. However, over the last couple weeks, President Obama has given us a demonstration of the lamest of all lame ducks.

No offense to the ducks.

Obama’s Lame Duck Spasms

In the Middle East, Israel is hands down our strongest ally. However, if all you knew was the last eight years, you might find this hard to believe. The Iran Nuclear Deal is the most striking evidence of this fact.

If that alone wasn’t bad enough, Obama just couldn’t leave office without one last twist of the knife in Israel’s back. John Kerry, Obama’s top foreign policy spokesperson as Secretary of State, harshly condemned Israeli settlements in a recent speech.

Then the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israel’s actions. The United States abstained from voting on the resolution allowing its passage. And now, evidence has come to light that Obama’s administration had a big role in creating and pushing through the anti-Israel resolution.

In 8 short years, Obama has done his best to destroy our relationship with Israel. And on his way out he’s taken one last swipe.

A Distinction

Obama’s also kept busy commuting, pardoning, cramming in new bureaucratic rules and regulations, cutting off access to 1.35 million acres in Utah and Nevada, and stirring up as much trouble with Russia as possible before Trump can make it to the White House.

Now, Obama is still the president. He still technically has the ability to operate in that degree until January 20. It’s what lame ducks do. However, we see a sharp distinction between Obama’s lameness and that of past presidents on the way out.

The difference between Adams and Obama is that Adams actually believed in America. Obama has made it clear over and over that he does not. Obama has made it clear that he believes that the world is better off when America is weak. He believes that American strength equals oppression. And nearly everything he has done has been evidence of this belief.

Goodbye, 2016

As we move into a new year, we should take some time to reflect. Let’s take some time to look back on what we’ve done and forward toward the future and what will come. Let’s take some time to consider what kind of legacy we are leaving behind.

When the outgoing president chooses to sabotage the incoming president elect, it is not only irresponsible and immature, it is potentially dangerous to the country as a whole. Obama’s actions against Israel, his litany of unconstitutional actions, and his poking of the Russian hornet nest, all for political and/or personal reasons, will become his legacy.

While I hold out cautious hope for what 2017 may bring politically, I believe one thing is clear – Obama’s legacy is one of anti-Americanism. As we write this most recent chapter of America’s story, let us hope that the truth retains its rightful place on the pages of history.