Oh, YouTube. Such a love/hate relationship we have.

As soon as I allow myself to think, just for a moment, perhaps some sanity is returning to the world, YouTube shows an add for “Guns Down America” and I’m reminded that sanity is something the world is constitutionally incapable of possessing.

Background: the NRA has partnered with Chubb and Lockton Affinity, two insurance companies, to provide NRA Carry Guard. It is insurance for if you are ever “forced to act in lawful self-defense.”

Apparently, Guns Down America (under Color of Change, think Van Jones, ACORN, George Soros, etc.) believes that these insurance companies shouldn’t provide insurance “to gun owners who shoot someone and claim “self defense.”” They also believe that it’s time to speak out against them because this is “Murder Insurance.”

Is due process is a thing of the past? Do those who utilize their right of self-preservation in a lawful manner not deserve protection under the law? The legal process takes a long time and is expensive. This insurance is a way to offset those costs and it does nothing to subvert proper legal procedures.

This organization is actively fighting against your ability to insure that you have a good legal defense.

The video from Guns Down America uses Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, as the spokesperson. The website states:

“This cynical insurance plan is specifically designed to protect “Stand Your Ground” murderers like George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer. NRA Carry Guard provides coverage for criminal legal defense, firearm replacement, clean up costs, payouts to bail companies, and a 24-hour legal hotline to provide shooters with guidance in how to avoid prosecution.”

I’d recommend this group be careful throwing around words such as “murderers” and “killer.” George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The US Justice Department brought no federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Calling someone a murderer and a killer, when they were never convicted of a felony, could be labeled as defamation per se. And since Guns Down America is all about justice, I’m sure they wouldn’t ever want to injure someone through such unjust defamation.

The way the provisions of NRA Carry Guard are listed would make you think that “criminal legal defense” or “avoiding prosecution” were bad things. George Zimmerman was embroiled in the legal back-and-forth for nearly 3 years. I know very few people off-hand who could sustain such a long legal battle for so long without incurring serious debt.

All NRA Carry Guard does is insure that legal gun-owners are able to sustain long legal battles with good representation. Anyone who truly desires justice would approve of both sides having proper representation.

Oh, but they’re not done yet!

“Stand Your Ground” laws have caused gun murders to skyrocket – and are radically skewed toward protecting white shooters who kill black victims. NRA Carry Guard turns this racist reality into profit.

Lockton Affinity, which created and sells NRA Carry Guard insurance, and Chubb Insurance, which underwrites the policies and takes a profit, are perpetuating fear of minorities and immigrants, and by offering special protections to gun owners who shoot first and ask questions later, these insurance companies are promoting gun violence.”



IF gun murders have skyrocketed (and define skyrocketed?), a claim for which they offer no proof, what proof is there that it is tied directly to “Stand Your Ground” laws? These are completely unsubstantiated claims.

They claim these laws protect white shooters who kill black victims.



Stand Your Ground laws apply to people of ALL ethnicities, colors, and racial backgrounds. There’s no radical skewing going on here.

And they failed to mention Zimmerman, their poster child “murderer”, was in fact Hispanic and was from a multiracial family. Not a racist white man who wanted to kill a black person.

Suddenly, according to this organization, wanting to protect yourself legally if, God forbid, you have to act in self-defense of yourself or a loved one, is racist against minorities and immigrants. This claim is patently ridiculous.

This insurance does not, as they claim, offer “special protections to gun owners who shoot first and ask questions later.” Rather, this insurance is for if you are ever “forced to act in lawful self-defense.” Key here is “lawful.”

There are times where you may have to act with force to protect yourself or those around you. In these times, as tragic as they may be, you can act with force and remain within your legal rights. In those cases, one must conclude that Guns Down America is against your right to self-preservation, or at least they do not believe that you should be able to have insurance so that you can afford a good legal defense.

We have a natural, God-given right to protect ourselves. This is something our Founding Fathers were passionate about and it’s a large part of why we have a 2nd Amendment.

This is just another instance of the Left going after law-abiding citizens. Another instance of their utter disdain for Constitutional rights. Another instance of their lack of understanding of natural rights and justice.

Think about it, this organization is actively fighting against your ability to insure that you have a good legal defense. This has absolutely nothing to do with gun violence. Someone responsible enough to carry this kind of insurance is the kind of person responsible enough to know when force is truly justified.

Guns Down America must be exposed as the liberal hack job that they are. They offer no proof whatsoever for their outlandish claims. They defame an individual who is declared innocent. They attempt to turn blacks versus whites through divisive rhetoric and factless campaigns.

Spread the word. Support everyone’s right to self-defense.