The world benefits from a strong America.

3 American prisoners were being held in North Korea. Take a minute and let that sink in. Americans were being held against their will in hard labor prison camps. Now those 3 men are free.

North Korea and South Korea are seeing tensions relaxing. While just a few months ago, the world collectively worried that North Korea was about to try and obliterate something off the map with nuclear weapons, we are now seeing the very real possibility that they will sit down and consider relinquishing those nuclear weapons.

America has pulled out of the ill-advised Iran Nuclear Deal. Instead of allowing them to continue developing nuclear capabilities with “supervision”, the US will now reimpose strict sanctions against a country that is a state sponsor of terrorism around the world.

As much as Trump would probably like to take credit for all these advancements, many, many people have been involved and working hard to make these things happen. But without a doubt, the persona of strength that Trump brings to the presidency has had a tremendous effect on the results we have seen in the last couple weeks.

Some Advice from GW

George Washington’s Farewell Address is an incredibly concise yet detailed look at where America was and where it was headed. In it, Washington admonishes a young America to avoid getting tangled up with foreign affairs that don’t serve the interests of our country. His parting remark piece of advice regarding this issue:

In other words, when there is no extraordinary emergency, America should be in a respectable defensive posture. Webster defines ‘respectable’ as “Possessing the worth or qualities which deserve or command respect…”

America’s home base should command the respect of other nations. Our natural state should cause foreign nations to think twice about messing with us.

Due to his constant apologies for America’s inadequacy, our previous president failed accomplish this lofty goal of peace through strength.

As Reagan said, “America never got into a war because we were too strong.”

A strong America is a safe America. A strong America makes for a safer world.

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