pence-trumpNews has been floating around as of late on the possible selection of Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, as a vice presidential running mate for Donald “little fingers” Trump. Some Trumpsters are excited with this pick thinking that Pence might end up softening some of Trump’s rougher edges.

FoxCons (or FauxCons) like Sean Hannity would certainly see this as a plus for their much loved candidate, since Pence, at least in name, would add a veneer of conservatism to the leftist, liberal, New York Democrat who has managed to secure the nomination on the Republican ticket. Pence would do for Trump what Palin did for McCain – give true conservatives the ability to hold their nose while they vote for Trump at least feeling that there is some “conservative” on the ticket.

True constitutional conservatives should not be too quick to applaud Pence as a vice presidential pick. Remember that Pence dithered on the sidelines prior to the Indiana primary, only coming out in the final days to endorse Ted Cruz, and even then, it was a tepid endorsement at best.

Evangelical Christians in Indiana might remember how weak-kneed Pence was in the battle over RFRA in their state. Would Pence actually fight for religious liberty on a national level, when the man at the top of his ticket has demonstrated an unwillingness to do anything in the fight for religious liberty? Pence has a history of avoiding conflict, softening conservative language, and tiptoeing around explosive issues.

Further, does anyone really think that there is a single person who has been sucked into the orbit of Donald Trump who is better for it? What has become of Carson, Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich? All these people have ended up shilling for a man who does not hold their values and will not advance their principles.

Pence, once a rising star in the conservative movement, will add his name to the long list of political prostitutes who have bowed to kiss the ring.