The media was salivating non-stop leading up to James Comey’s testimony before Congress this week. And it has been the front and center story ever since. Over 3 hours of testimony is rather hard to summarize, however, it’s safe to say that it was not the knockout punch against Trump that the media and Democrats were hoping for.

In fact, Comey had several rather damning things to say regarding Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Loretta Lynch regarding the Clinton email scandal (which were conveniently, for the most part, glossed over).

This circus surrounding the Comey hearings (CNN had a countdown clock to the event) caused other news stories to fall out of the news cycle faster than they might have otherwise.

Old News

One such story was the June 3rd London Bridge terror attacks. The attack came less than a month after the Manchester bombing, which came exactly a month after the Westminster attacks.

These 3 horrible events all had one thing in common – they were perpetrated by Islamic terrorists.

The response from police in the UK was to instruct people when they find themselves in such situations to “Run, Hide, and Tell”. This may be great advice, except it really doesn’t help the 35 people who were killed nor the 217 people who were injured in the 3 attacks.

2 Things

Britain’s citizenry was essentially disarmed by their own government in 1997. As a result, it took 8 minutes for armed police officers to arrive on the scene. A police officer who was on the scene much sooner was unable to effectively stop the attackers (who were using knives to stab people) because all he had was a baton.

This police officer was incredibly brave to go after the perps with a stick versus their knives, however, one wonders how things might have been different if the good guys weren’t “outgunned” by the bad guys.

It’s interesting to note that the terror of most of these attacks did not end until good guys with guns showed up. Guns are obviously not the problem in the UK, just they are obviously not the problem in the USA. An evil heart will find a way. Cars, knives, pressure cookers, whatever it takes, these people are evil personified and they will find a way to kill if killing is what they intend to do.

Speaking of evil, Britain’s refusal to name the enemy that has it out for their country is disturbing. These 3 attacks coming in as many months to the British Isles, killing and maiming their citizens, are all connected.

No one is saying that all Muslims are terrorists. However, it’s obvious, to anyone who’ll look, that all the terrorists involved in these 3 heartless attacks were Islamists. That is just the truth and there’s no way around it.

Run and Hide

It’s apparent that many in the UK are taking the advice of the police a little too seriously. Instead of admitting the true source of the problem, they are choosing to Run and Hide from it. Instead of actually Telling the truth, they are saying what is politically correct which, arguably, is causing the deaths of their fellow countrymen.

While our American media has chosen largely to focus on the Comey hearings this week, we would do well to confront the hard questions being raised by the goings on in the UK and Europe. You can only Run, Hide, and (not) Tell for so long before the truth catches up with you.