hillary-clinton-too-big-to-jailIn the wake of the latest scam perpetuated by Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the DOJ, many were calling for Comey’s resignation and for Congress to actually hold the aforementioned accountable. Not that the Republican controlled Congress will actually follow through with any indictment or punishment, but you can rest assure that they will put on another show pretending to be mad, while pounding their fists and raising their voices over Crooked Hillary, and how she snookered the American people yet again.

It’s a sad day in America when Lady Justice is no longer blind, but partial. Partial to those leftist elitists, like Hillary Clinton, that believe they are above the law. Unfortunately, these days seem to be more frequent than not.

There have been many great articles written that adequately describe this situation; but that’s not the reason I’m writing this now. Instead, I’m writing this article to share my opinion regarding the two presumptive presidential nominees that this country has elected.

In both Republican and Democrat parties, the people have pushed aside moderates like Jim Webb and Jeb Bush, and have thrown the “extremes” in both parties like Cruz, Paul, Walker and Sanders out to the curb. This is not to say Hillary Clinton isn’t extreme; by all accounts, she is. But the Clinton machine was in beast mode, and Crazy Bernie didn’t stand a chance.

So who do we have left after all the dust settles?

Two New York liberals, one of which self-identifies as a Conservative.

Over the campaign season, Donald Trump has successfully branded his fellow candidates. The one thing he can do is brand, and at a genius level. Branding Hillary as “Crooked Hillary” has worked just as well, if not better than Lyin’ Ted, Lil’ Marco, or Low-energy Jeb.

But I do find it ironic that most of the nicknames that “Mister Trump” has given to these other candidates are actually a reflection of himself.

How so?

I’d like to focus on the first example–“Crooked Hillary.” Donald Trump’s nickname has stuck to Ms. Clinton quite well. In fact, it’s hard not to say “Crooked” in front of the name “Hillary.” She has lied so much, deceived so many, covered up crime after crime, even killed 4 men in Benghazi (and these are the ones we know about), that “crooked” just rolls off the tongue.

The common denominator in all of this is one thing: THE LIES. The lies Crooked Hillary spews constantly to cover her tracks.

But there’s a problem. Crooked Hillary isn’t alone. Crooked Donny is standing right there beside her.

Now before you get your undies in a bunch, I realize Trump hasn’t killed anyone.


Truth be told, Trump, like Hillary, is a pathological liar. Here’s just a few examples of the lies:

Hillary Clinton

  • Lies to Congress about Benghazi attacks;
  • liar-liarLies to the American people about sending classified email from her unsecured private email server;
  • Lies about Assad/Syria;
  • Lies about foreign donations to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation;
  • Lies about the Keystone XL Pipeline;

Read an entire collection of documented lies by Crooked Hillary.

Donald J. Trump

  • Lies about Ted Cruz and the Carson/Iowa debacle, and about Ted Cruz’s father and the JFK assassination;
  • Lies about David Duke;
  • Lies about opposing the Iraq War;
  • Lies about his various views on abortion, illegal immigration, healthcare, and taxes;
  • Lies about his personal wealth and accomplishments;

Read a collection of the most recent 101 lies told by Crooked Donny.

Out of all the potential presidential candidates to choose from on both sides of the aisle, the people of this great country chose these two pathological lying buffoons to hold the highest political office in the world. Throw away some of the best leaders of truth and conservatism since Reagan, and prop up the opposite of Reagan. Forget about your JFK Democrats, and give us Killary.

Smear the character of the few elected officials that actually have some character left. Attack their families. Outright lie about them, and continue spewing your lies, unchecked, to every open media outlet that will listen, until your zombie-like cult followers carelessly repeat said lies until virtually every uneducated, low-information voter believes them.

Yes, crucify those who stand for liberty. Who stand for truth. Who stand for right. Instead give us this lying, Cheeto-faced totalitarian, who couldn’t carry the jockstrap of those he besmirched.

Shame on you, America.