A few months ago, Secretary Clinton called many of Trump’s supporters “deplorables.” Besides the fact that this is really rich coming from the Butcher of Benghazi, perhaps we should take a quick look at the real “deplorables” in front of us. What better way to do that than to take a look at the ads from both the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns?

Ladies first. We’ll start with this ad from Secretary Clinton:

Now at the beginning of this video where #MisterTrump is talking about “putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing,” and “when I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.” is petty. It’s a non issue. If your wife has a career or a job, good for her; and if this was all Donald Trump said, it’d be a non starter.

But Trump continues to degrade women with the recently released audio (that was recorded in 2005) when he was with Billy Bush talking about grabbing women by their genitalia. Donald goes on to say “when you’re a star, they let you do it.” This video continues with various sexual assault claims and also walking inside dressing rooms where naked under-aged girls were getting dressed, because, well #MisterTrump owned the pageant, and he was only “inspecting.”


Now onto this ad from #MisterTrump:

In this ad, Trump attacks Clinton’s job as Secretary of State. Never mind that while she was Secretary of State, he bragged on her and the job she did numerous times. But that aside, Trump attacks Hillary and what he now calls her failures as Secretary of State.

Notice the flip-flop?

Yes, Hillary was a complete disaster as Secretary of State. Between Benghazi, the “Russian Reset,” a deteriorating relationship with Israel, her illegal private email server, and any of the other Clinton catastrophes, any person with half a brain would realize that she is completely unfit for the Presidency. In fact, quite the opposite. At best, she should have life in prison. Donald Trump was right in pointing out these policy flaws of Secretary Clinton.

You can peruse through the videos of either campaign and you’ll find Hillary Clinton attacking Donald Trump’s moral character (because she’s the epitome of morality), temperament, or sound judgment. Trump, on the other hand, will attack Clinton’s terrible policy records, failing health, and what it means to be “Crooked Hillary.”

trumpYou see, the real deplorables are none other than the 2 democrats running for President: Hillary Rhodam Clinton, and her long time friend and repeat donor, Donald J. Trump. 

No, the Republican’s couldn’t nominate a conservative to be the party nominee. They couldn’t allow the swamp to actually be drained. Instead they did what they’ve done the last 2 Presidential elections–nominate an old white guy who’s a moderate Republican at best, and has the highest name ID in the field whom the media loved/propped up the most.

Then, once nominated, they whine and moan “binary choice!” forcing the remainder of the party with a gun to their head to vote for their guy.

No thanks, I’m done playing this game.