the rambling, incoherent, stream of consciousness style that has become the hallmark of Donald Trump’s speaking style (#MakeGrammarGreatAgain) he has proven himself unqualified to lead this great nation. Donald Trump does not believe in “American exceptionalism” any more than Barack Hussein Obama.

He cannot define American exceptionalism, and thinks that the term itself is offensive. Trump does not understand that what has made America exceptional is not that its citizens are less tainted by Original Sin, more morally pure, or qualitatively better than men and women from other nations. American exceptionalism describes the ideals, the principles, and the founding philosophies of this great nation. These are the things that have allowed men and women to exceed the output and the accomplishments of other nations.

I challenge our readers to identify even the smallest difference between Trump and either Obama or Killary Clinton regarding their understanding of what makes America a great nation. As Sen. Ted Cruz said during the campaign, there is a difference between saying you can make America great, and understanding what made America great to begin with.