It will go down in history as the book with the shortest shelf life EVER!


Immediately after the release of CoULTer’s new book, “In the Trump We Trust” (August 23, 2016) the incoherent, manchild, “god” in whom she trusts betrayed her. Trump has softened his position on the one issue CoULTer tirelessly works to convince us was the singular issue of importance in this election.  She went so far as to tweet the following:


For months CoULTer has been championing Trump as the “savior” on the immigration issue. She has PROMISED that Trump will never support amnesty – except he just did. Less than 48 hours after CoULTer’s idolatrous and blasphemously named book was released, Donald Trump went full GOP RINO establishment hack. Low energy Jeb Bush called and he wants his immigration plan back. Marco Rubio is not sure if you should feel betrayed or vindicated.

Of all the people that Trump should betray, Ann CoULTer, the high priestess of the Trump Cult! This had to infuriate poor Ann. This is the same woman who rightly criticized Marco Rubio for his Gang of Eight betrayal. While she was shamelessly schilling for Mitt Romney trying to convince us all that he was the second coming of Ronald Reagan, her new found “messiah” was labeling Romney’s position on immigration “mean spirited.” But suddenly, as 2016 rolls around, Donald Trump is the Rock of Gibraltar on immigration?!

This is what happens when you sell your soul to a cult of personality – you get a pot of soup. It isn’t even very good soup. Ann CoULTer wants to redefine conservatism and constitutionalism to fit Donald Trump. She has changed her positions, abandoned their principles, and excuse the inexcusable, all in the name of defending her new idol. Now her idol has betrayed her on the very issue she values most. She should have expected nothing less. In fact, she should have heeded her own warning:


Instead, she trusted a liberal Republican who behaves as if he were three. This is Trump CoULTer!

This just gives us one more book of Ann’s to burn!