FoxFire-Flame-LogoWelcome to FoxFire! On this PolitiBlog, we pay tribute to all of the con-men, hucksters, sellouts, and frauds who have shamelessly used the conservative movement, and a feigned allegiance to the Constitution, to advance themselves and sell their books. They pose as Conservatives to the masses, but in reality, they’re nothing more than statist progressives registered as Republicans.

These people have never truly committed to conservative values or the Constitution. They are Fox News hosts, contributors, consultants, and guests. If nothing else good has come out of this most recent election cycle of 2016, at least we can say this: It has become patently obvious that Fox News is no friend to true conservatives or constitutionalists. Many of us have known this for a few years, but 2016 has made it obvious to everyone.

We follow social media and conservative talk radio close enough to know that we are not alone. There are thousands–perhaps millions–who are as fed up with the lies, spin, and deception of Fox News, and their kind, as we are. So we decided to not only host our own FoxFire, but also to create this blog for those who share our frustrations.  

We are #NeverTrump, but we are also #NeverHillary. In our view, the only thing that separates these two are their genitalia, and nowadays even that can be brought into question. At any given point, either one could decide to self-identify as the other. If you don’t believe us, just look at the facts:

  • TrumparyBoth are old, white, rich, New York liberal democrats;
  • Both have bad hair;
  • Both have small hands;
  • Both look good in a pantsuit;
  • Both have similar views on abortion, gay marriage, transgender bathroom laws, taxes, and a host of other issues. Need we say more?

Our list is not a comprehensive list, but it is representative. At FoxFire, we’ve chosen to target those who have worked the hardest to give the 2016 Republican nomination to #MisterTrump. To be clear, this is not just about Donald J. Trump–yes, he’s the main focus right now since he’s the GOP 2016 nominee–but our attitude is shared with anyone who is a threat to the Constitution; a threat to our liberty.

Outside of politics, most of these people are good people, and have done some great things in the past. Unfortunately, they have bought into Trumpmania. They have either been snookered, or they have misguided their anger and frustration at the GOPe by choosing a con-man like Trump, or they have been offered something in return for their support.

You are dead to us Fox News. You are a sham. As the Great One, Mark Levin stated well, you have become the Trump SuperPac. You have become the very thing you were started to counter: slanted and unbalanced. TrumpBart (formerly known as Breitbart) and Trudge Report (formerly known as Drudge Report) have manipulated their coverage from the beginning. They have shown their true alt-right progressive colors. The mask is off. The emperor has no clothes, and it’s disgusting. It is sad when you have to turn to CNN to get balanced coverage of GOP candidates.

In contrast to all of these “Republicans-Not-Conservatives,” sellouts, and scam artists, we wish to salute and thank those who have held the line and not compromised their convictions for the sake of political expediency and popularity. Thank you to those conservative leaders who can actually pick a conservative out of a lineup. Thanks to all those who did not abandon their principles for a seat at the Trump Trough.

Thank you Mark Levin, and Levin TV. Thanks to Daniel Horowitz, Steve Deace (Aaron, Todd, and Kim also get honorable mention) and those working hard at Conservative Review. Thanks to Conservative bloggers like Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire, Erick Erickson, and The Resurgent. Thanks to other talk radio hosts and bloggers like Dana Loesch, Matt Walsh, Glenn Beck, and those at The Blaze. Thank you to conservative author Brad Thor for having the courage to speak the truth, even at great expense. Thanks to David French, and those at the National Review who took a stand for liberty. Lastly, thanks to social media groups like The Conservative Hammer and The Right Scoop for having spines of steel in a realm where so many trolls run free. These folks (and others) have helped guard the flame of liberty.

So if you’re like us, and are fed up with faux-conservatism, we hope that you will register for our PolitiBlog. Here we will post our political, non-PC rants, raves, and commentary. We will also share some of your FoxFire videos! If you film your Foxfire, simply upload your video to YouTube, and share it on one of our social media pages with #FoxFire. We’ll post it on our website for everyone to see.

So if you, too, want to help guard the flame of liberty–we welcome you to the club. The FoxFire Club.