donald-trump-and-john-kasichAfter playing spoiler against Ted Cruz to help hand the Republican nomination to a New York liberal Democrat, John Kasich has been mysteriously silent. Fox News bent over backwards to help craft the narrative that Kasich was far more electable than that “radical” Ted Cruz.

While Kasich maintained all along that he had a clear path to the nomination, (in spite of the fact that he never had as many delegates as Marco Rubio who dropped out weeks before) Fox News helped prop up his flailing candidacy in hopes that he would siphon off enough votes from Ted Cruz to secure the nomination for #MisterTrump.

Now it turned out that Kasich didn’t even bother to show up to the GOP national convention. You would think that somebody who viewed himself as a “contender” and a “front runner” would at least show up to kiss the ring of the “Great Donald.”

After all, aside from Sean Hannity, it is difficult to think of anyone who worked as hard to help give Republican nomination to the one person in America who cannot beat Hillary Clinton. Trump obviously wanted him to show up. Even that bombastic narcissist knows that he owes a lot to Kasich.